Cogitari Homes was founded by Lars Christensen, a Danish entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience within the Danish and Spanish construction industry.

Our ambition is to provide a ‘happy client’ experience; our wealth of real estate knowledge and professionalism ensures the buying process is as stress-free and as transparent as possible for all of our clients. We have a strong background in Danish construction and have been working with clients who spend a great deal of time inside their properties due to the colder climate – these clients therefore demand highly functional and quality homes. The experience and knowledge we have gained from working to such exacting standards is applied to the development of our Spanish properties.

Besides top quality and high functionality, sustainability is also important to us. We understand that nature is not only for us, but also for our children and that reducing consumption and running costs is an important factor to consider when creating the perfect home. Cogitari is able to create a highly energy efficient property where consumption is reduced by as much as 70%. We aim to ensure that all of the properties we have on the market come with an Energy Classification Certificate Grade A or B.

We understand that 85% of our clients are non-Spaniards and the buying process can be different to what you are use to. However, we work with professional partners who offer help and advice, guiding you through the steps needed to be taken when buying a property in Spain. We advise on issues such as obtaining a NIE number, choosing the right Spanish bank, understanding the meaning of a bank guarantee against your down payment and reading through contracts; all of which ensure that the buying process comes with the complete transparency you would expect from start to finish.